OutAirOdor units are high tech, small, quiet, powerful and energy efficient.

High tech 5 layer filter. OutAirOdor filters are infused with minuscule carbon granules measured in Å-angstroms. An angstrom is one ten-billionth of a meter. Through adsorption, adverse molecules cling to the surface of those granules. This process removes odors and chemical irritants caused by cooking, smoking, other household sources and VOC’s  by collecting molecules that smell bad or harm us.  The filters are also carefully engineered to absorb troublesome particles: pollens, pet dander, dust mite matter, mold & mildew spores, many bacteria & viruses. These combined qualities of adsorption  and absorption make in-home air clean and attractive.

Small and handy. The OAO-5 white plastic housing is 5 inches square, 5 inches high and comes with a 5 foot low voltage base cord. The OAO-10 white plastic housing is 5 inches square and 10 inches high. They don’t intrude on floor and living space. And, they are made to be wall mounted or placed on their side on a night stand, counter top or end table.

Quiet. Even on high they produce only conversation level 41.5 dB. Their variable speed control let’s you adjust them to whisper quiet.

Powerful. The fan draws air at 114 cubic feet per minute on high. Ether unit will clean all the air in a 16×16 sq ft area with an 8 ft ceiling 3 times an hour. That’s 16×16×8 = 2,048 cubic feet of air 3 times per hour. Smaller areas get cleaned more times per hour.

OutAirOdor units are Energy Efficient. The safe, energy efficient, 12 volt DC fan only consumes 6.60 Watts/hour. Annual power cost is just under $7.00 per year @ $0.12/kWh.

The calculation for power consumption is: Multiply the wattage by the number of hours used per day. That should be 24 hours. Then multiply that by 365 days. Kilowatt Hours kWh are per 1000 hours. So, divide by 1000. Multiply by your kWh rate. That’s $0.12/kWh in Colorado Springs. The calculation for OutAirOdor units is: 6.60 × 24 × 365 ÷ 1000 × .12 = $6.93792/year

Most air purifiers run on 110 volts AC which consumes more energy than DC. They use from 40 Watts up to 120 Watts per hour. The calculation for air purifiers consuming 40 Watts is: 40 × 24 × 365 ÷ 1000 × 0.12 = $42.048/year