30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can return your OutAirOdor unit(s) within the first 30 days from purchase date. The unit(s) must be in new and undamaged. We shipped free and ask you to pay return postage.

Our address is: OutAirOdor, 3690 Pennyroyal Ln, Colorado Springs, CO 80906.

Bill Bremer,, 719-216-9055


OutAirOdor products are powered by a safe 12 Volt DC wall adapter. OutAirOdor makes durable and quality products and warrants them against workmanship and parts defects for a period of 5 years. This Limiter Warranty does not apply to damage directly or indirectly caused by improper installation, misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents, criminal activity or repairs or alterations outside of our facilities.

To take advantage of the warranty, the product must be returned to us shipping prepaid. We will repair or replace it and return it shipping paid.

OutAirOdor, 3690 Pennyroyal Ln, Colorado Springs, CO 80906


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