OutAirOdor units remove adverse molecules.

Odor molecules caused by cooking, smoking, BMs, stinky sweat filled clothing, pets and other household sources are adsorbed.

Even though adverse molecules account for less than 1% of the air we breathe, some are very harmful, especially VOCs. In order to remove those molecules OutAirOdor filters are infused with millions of minuscule carbon granules measured in Å-angstroms. Through adsorption, adverse molecules cling to the surface of those minuscule granules.

We take in 25,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 molecules with each breath. Less than 1% stink. Even 1/10 of 1% contains billions of molecules we do not want to inhale or smell.

HEPA filters do no remove those adverse molecules.

HEPA filters are only designed to absorb particles that have a size greater-than-or-equal-to 0.3 µm-microns. Molecule sizes start at 3,000 times smaller than 0.3 microns, 3,000 Å-angstroms = 0.3 µm-microns. Molecules easily pass through HEPA filter gaps up to 3,000 times larger.

OutAirOdor units also remove particles.

The filters are carefully engineered to absorb troublesome particles: pollens, pet dander, dust mite matter, mold & mildew spores, many bacteria & viruses.

With those combined qualities of adsorption  and absorption, OutAirOdor units make in-home air clean and attractive.

Order with our no risk 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Regular price $125.00. New customer introductory one per household price $62.00.


  1. Judy

    I have found the OutAirOdor unit to be very effective in removing unwanted cooking odor in the kitchen and dog food odor. The unit is far more effective in removing odor than the microwave hood fan and much quieter.

  2. Taylor Gray

    This is the best device I have ever purchased. It does exactly what the advertisement claims. It takes all odors out of the air. I am a home owner with two roommates. One is a guy who is great but he likes to burn popcorn in the middle of the night. I wake up to the stench and he has already gone back to bed. I turn the Air Purifier up to full power and it eliminates the odor in no time. My other roommate is a Korean gal who loves to cook. She uses some very pungent items in her cooking. When I see her on the way to the stove, I put the unit on high and catch most of the odor before it leaves the kitchen. The smells that escape get routed through the unit within minutes and are eliminated immediately. What a great invention. Instead of kicking my wonderful roommates out, I simply turn up the fan and the problems disappear!

  3. vendible

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